WTF?! TUESDAYS – Dating and Relationship Advice Questions & Answers Livestream (11/13/18)

Every Tuesday at 6:00 PM (PST) we go hard responding to dating advice questions submitted by channel visitors. To add to the excitement, on Thursdays, Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays too, we live stream again to discuss hard-hitting issues in modern culture, gender issues, and relationships.

In today’s video advice columnist Deborrah Cooper responds to these dating advice questions:

#1 I started my first job recently, and a guy there is asking me oddly personal questions about my dating life and my “needs”, and if I date white or black guys…what should I do?
#2 My girlfriend of 18 months has an extremely bizarre relationship with her father, who always wants her to go hang at bars and drink with him!
#3 My boyfriend left me for his first baby momma a year ago then came back, but I recently saw a text convo between them where she asked him for help with her car and to go to church with her!
#4 I’m 42 and divorced and met a man who rocked my world but wasn’t worth anything. I don’t want him back but no other man gives me that heat…
#5 We were together for four years until he met Jackie! He left me and married her and this pain is going to linger for the rest of my life. She stole my soulmate from me!
#6 After only a month of dating he asked to be exclusive, so why did I just test positive for a treatable STI six months later?
#7 My man’s baby momma feels it’s his place to help her with whatever she wants help with and gets angry at ME when he tells her “NO!”
#8 I caught my husband cheating, and he has the nerve to still want to be friends with the woman he cheated with on Facebook!
#9 I understand the benefits of dating more than one man at a time, but can you answer my questions about the logistics of handling this?
#10 My trainer told me he is cheating on his wife with another trainer who works at the gym we go to; should I tell his wife?
#11 My boyfriend has planned a family trip for him, his ex-wife, and their two teenaged children for his daughter’s Spring Break…what should I do?
#12 We’ve been dating pretty steady for a month, but suddenly he claims he is super busy or too tired, so he always has an excuse not to go out with me…is he on his way out?
#13 Do I have the right to be offended because my boyfriend won’t tell me the things his mom tells him to “keep just in the family?”

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