What to Say When She Says She Has a Boyfriend (Dating Advice for Men 2019)

If you’ve ever approached a girl you didn’t know and she blew you off with this classic rejection then you’ll want to know what to say when she says she has a boyfriend (dating advice for men 2019) …

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Sometimes, she’s telling the truth and if she’s not open to well, an open relationship, then you’re best off to be respectful and not pursue her.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t chat for a few minutes if she’s open to it and learn something about relationships or women.

Ask her how they met. How he won her heart. Not only will you learn something if she’s telling the truth, but if she’s not telling the truth, she might fess up if…

…you say “this” just the right way!

The key is getting in a state of calmness and remembering that you’re not actually there to get her number (though that would be a bonus), no, you’re there to chat and get more comfortable approaching women in general.

You never know, she might fess up that she doesn’t actually have a boyfriend but is tired of getting hit on.

Or maybe she does have a boyfriend but she’s also got a cute single friend who would appreciate your boldness!

And if she’s nasty, just be thankful YOU’RE not her boyfriend, poor guy.

Let me know what you say when she says she has a boyfriend! I’d love to know how you’ve handled this objection. (Even if you sucked at it!)

xo AJ

p.s. Personally, I have never used this excuse. If I was ever not interested or not in the mood to chat with someone, I was just straight up honest about it. Most women don’t want to disappoint a guy, so this is a reasonable excuse to use. Personally, I prefer honesty. What about you?

Disclaimer: I’m not a shrink or licensed therapist. Info is for entertainment purposes. You are responsible for your own actions. Obey the laws in your area. Namaste.

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