What To Do If She’s Seeing Other Guys (+ Dating Advice for Long Distance Relationships)

What To Do If She’s Seeing Other Guys + Dating Advice for Long Distance Relationships

Let’s say you’re in the courting or dating stage of a relationship with a girl and you suspect she’s talking to other guys — or maybe you know she’s texting other guys for sure.

What should you do to win her back?

The answer may seem counter intuitive, but it’s the only way you’ll get her to come back to you without her wondering about all the other “orbiters.”

Now, what happens if you live far apart from one another? What do you do if the girl you’re into lives far away and is getting chased by other dudes?

The answer is the same as if she lived next door.

5 Questions to ask yourself if considering a long distance relationship:

If you want to get a girlfriend and keep her, this is the way to win her heart for real, but it takes a super confident guy to be able to pull this off effectively.

Watch the video then let me know in the comments if you think you could do it.

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