Using Someone’s Name is ATTRACTIVE and POWERFUL (Dating and Relationship Advice & Tips)

Using someone’s name IS attractive and powerful, and every man or woman with Game should know this useful dating and relationship advice/tip/strategy. You see, sometimes you need that extra oomph in getting your point across, or just getting attention…and that’s when using someone’s name is either attractive or powerful. Simply put, using someone’s name is like “music to their ears” as Dale Carnegie used to say. When you use someone’s name, you’re using their favorite word IN THE WORLD. In this video, Mario the “GetGameGuy” of Get Game Group Dating Coaching for Men and Women shares his insight and explains how to use the power of using names to your benefit. Indeed, if you’re not using someone’s name in calculated efforts for attraction, persuasion, and power…you’re missing out on a fantastic social strategy/tool….WEAPON that you can employ when it REALLY MATTERS that someone pay greater attention to you.

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