Single Mom Advice/Insight On Dating

***Intended for the adult audience, viewer discretion is advised****

If there is only one thing I can say for this subject, it’s for you to work things out with your baby’s father. Excluding abusive circumstances and such where you may need to “do what you gotta do” it will be much easier for you and more importantly benefit your child/children immensely. Also, if it’s a situation where cheating is involved, as tough as it may be, learning to forgive (I know it’s easier said than done) is also something I would recommend trying instead of straight-up calling for a divorce/separation. Though the child/children may have their biological father, getting involved in that mix could potentially create a stressful atmosphere that is really not worth getting involved in on the man’s side. Also, if the Ex happens to be a deadbeat, child support (depending on the circumstances and where you are in North America) could fall on the new partner. At the end of the day, If you (women) have unconditional love for your partner (which is extremely rare nowadays) and you aren’t motivated by the financial rewards (which is also extremely rare) from divorcing, focus all that energy toward making it work. Staying together as a family is absolutely the best move and at least having the mindset that divorcing/separation is NOT an option.

More and more men are and will stay away from dating/marrying single mothers because of the absolute negative repercussions it could have on them in the future. There honestly is no real benefit for a man to look forward to dating a single mother. And on top of that, there is no guarantee that the child/children will get along with the “stand-in daddy” which could also dictate the direction of where the relationship could go. The rational behind this is really, why would a single man choose a single mother when he could just as easily date a woman with no kids and get ALL her attention without the extra responsibilities. There was sooooo much I wanted to get into regarding this topic but this video is already way too long.

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