Is It a Rebound Relationship or the Real Thing?

Clay Andrews addresses the question of: Is it a rebound relationship or the real thing? If you want to put in the work to get your mindset and emotional world in order to avoid rebound relationships, then check out or class over at:


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Rebound relationships can really complicate a person’s life more than need be. Yet we live in interesting times when our dating world is moving faster and faster. Smart phones and dating apps make us date more and more, leaving us little to no time to actually process and handle the breakups we go through.

As a result, many of us are ending up in rebound relationships that are causing us to act in predictable yet disfunctional ways.

So is it a rebound or the real thing? How are you supposed to even know…?

In this video I’ll give you some advice and ways to know if you’re dealing with a rebound relationship or whether someone you know is going through a rebound relationship.

We’ll be covering signs to look out for that may indicate a rebound relationship, and we’ll also address what you can do if you find yourself in a rebound relationship and you actually want it to work out.

Rebound relationships have a very bad track record, and for good reason, but not all rebound relationships fail. Some can and do work out, so we’ll also address how to make your rebound relationship work so that, like alchemists we can turn a rebound relationship into the real thing.

And if you are interested in learning more about creating great relationships by building the right mindset and emotional resilience, then check out our free class over at:


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