Divorce advice for a midlife woman who thinks marriage is doomed-WATCH THIS before you sign papers!

This is for all you tired moms, who wake up one day and realize that you’re dead and numb in your marriage.

You have been doing the chores, giving it your all, but you have no more passion left. You dream of leaving. The thoughts of dating again; breaking up your family, and the substantial cost of divorce gives you the willies. So instead, you put on a happy face, drink another glass of wine or eat more cake to numb or drown out the voice inside that is screaming: “GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!” “IS THIS ALL THERE IS TO LIFE?!” “I HATE HIM!!!; I HATE THEM!!!”, “I HATE ME!!! and, last but not least “HELP ME!!!”….

Read my recent blog post for some real help to turn everything around and make it Happily Ever After again!

Mai Vu is a Master relationship/dating coach for longer than 20 years! Mai has trained over 1,000 coaches worldwide. She is the very first certified Asian female coach in the world and is hugely passionate about helping divorced mom’s, women entrepreneurs, and couples in crisis. Mai delivers her wisdom with joy, love and a lot of humor to make your time with her highly engaging and fun!

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