Dating Advice Tuesday LIVE STREAM with Advice Columnist Deborrah Cooper

Your dating and relationship advice questions answered in real time in a LIVE STREAM with dating expert Deborrah Cooper. With almost 30 years in the relationship advice field, Deb’s amazing wit and diverse knowledge come together enabling her to instantly come up with insightful, to the point answers.

Questions addressed in this video:

(1) I’m a woman in love with a gay man. We are best friends, soul mates. Our relationship is more beautiful than most. However, the fact that he’s gay impedes on our ability to be physically intimate. We have talked about our future together.
(2) I am in an interracial relationship with a Filipino guy. His mother said something that makes me give her the side eye. Am I being overly sensitive or do I have a valid concern here?
(3) I’m responding to a question I submitted earlier where you asked for more information…
(4) I’m a very nerdy and quiet girl. The problem is that I have been told numerous times that I am very attractive and men find that intimidating. I’ve never been in a relationship before and I’m confused on how to attract men similar to me.
(5) This guy asked me out, but he is wayyy more attractive and has more money that I do to the point it’s stressing me out. ‘m thinking of just putting an end to it. But should I? Is there some way of thinking about this, some attitude I could have towards it that would help me give it a chance, comfortably?
(6) Me and my wife have been together for 4 years and been married for 8 months. I am 24 she is 33. I love her with all my heart but we keep fussing over stupid things.
(7) When I first started dating this fellow he treated me like a queen. He took me out for nice dinners and we had wine on the beach quite a few times (very romantic!) but that lasted less than a month!

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