Daily Dose of Reality Dating Advice by Deborrah Cooper | May 12, 2018

In this 12 edition of The Daily Dose of Reality dating tips and relationship advice for single women, advice columnist Deborrah Cooper provides witty, insightful analysis and thorough responses on the fly.

How does this work? Visitors to this YouTube channel and the SurvivingDating.com blog send in their dating relationship advice questions. Deb’s assistant selects 5-6 and copies them into a document. Deb opens the document on camera, reads the questions aloud, and thinks about what she read for a few seconds.

Then like magic, Deb opens her mouth and delivers the most on point, jaw dropping wisdom which only someone with 30 years of experience in the field can do.

Topics addressed in this video:

(1) We broke up and he immediately started dealing with a friend of mine. She never came to me to let me know nor did she have remorse about being with my ex. She started flaunting it on social media the trips they were taking and gifts he was buying her. I blocked them on social media, but how do I get over him and get him out of my head?
(2) How would you recommend handling when you meet a friend or
are dating a guy and the person you are meeting “forgets their wallet”? This has happened to me time and again. And when I have not given in to pay for their coffee or meal, I get called petty!
(3) I am a white woman dating a black man who is going back to his wife. I can’t stop crying and he doesn’t care. How can I survive the next three weeks living with him knowing he is leaving me for another woman? I told him not to talk to her on the phone in our house but he refuses. What do I do?
(4) His drinking has increased, which only makes the tension between us worse. I asked him if it is another woman. He swears it isn’t. I asked him if he needed space, adding that I would support him. He doesn’t want to break up or leave.
(5) It seems like every guy I meet since I’ve moved to Chicago is a flake. Everything goes great the conversation is awesome and then poof! They disappear or never text me back…. I’m beginning to think it’s me. Can you offer any advice on dating in your 20’s?
(6) Since my divorce I’ve been dating only well-established men with professional level careers with no focus on long-term anything. The problem I have is feeling a little judged by my friends for not having a traditional “date and jump into a relationship” situation. 

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